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Where ideas become websites

Scene is where web designers dash through the entire web design process, from idea to launch. In one cut. 🎬

All-in-one web workspace

Manage the whole design process from ideation to execution in one place. Deliver websites faster, increase your profits, and work creatively as a team.

Meet Muse

True AI assistant

Designed to be your thinking partner from concept to deployment, helping you every step of the way. With Muse, you can:

  • Refine your website brief
  • Research your competitors
  • Auto-generate wireframes
  • Write and re-write web copy

Sound familiar?

"Sometimes it takes me ages to get past a blank canvas!"


Freelance designer

"It's so hard to complete briefs with new clients..."


Brand designer in a studio

"I can't work with Lorem Ipsum, but I'm not a copywriter..."


Web designer

Visual Co-creation

Design together, in one place

Scene makes it easy for non-designers to feel heard in the design process. Bring your team and clients together in one seamless environment with intuitive tools that everyone can use right away. Together, you can:

  • Onboard your client within seconds
  • Brainstorm, think and create in one tool
  • Develop and agree on the perfect brief
  • Leave notes, comments and propose changes

Sound familiar?

"I find it super hard to keep client feedback in one place, and it leads to mistakes."


Account manager

"Our clients don't want to work with us using a design tool, so we must export everything."


Agency owner

"I sometimes underestimate the concept phase because clients push on delivery."


Freelance marketer

Build & Publish

Blocks that won't break

Use adaptable blocks to design for all screens at once. One-click publishing ensures what you design is what you get. Want to go custom? Webflow export is coming soon!

  • Ever-growing library of best-practice blocks
  • Industry standard editing experience
  • Each building block has an integrated tracking layer
  • Publish your website with a single click

Sound familiar?

"When working with developers, what I design isn't always what's implemented."


Web designer

"Even with no-code tools, you must often understand website development."


No-code web developer

"Every change request requires pulling people away from other projects."


Project manager

Shaped by community insights, already receiving great reviews

"There's no learning curve here. After signing up, it takes less than a minute to start building a website. Muse AI is a cherry on top!"


Matej Rudinsky

UI / UX Designer

"This platform is absolutely amazing! 🤩 Love it; it's like Figma, Wix and Chat GPT combined in one tool that's as intuitive as it gets."


Martin Medina

Senior Designer

"What Scene did with Muse AI is groundbreaking. You now have a designer, copywriter and strategist at your fingertips."


Peter Russiel

Startup Founder

Made with Scene

Great brands already made their websites with Scene. Join them today.


Access Scene for free now

Scene is free to use without limits. Free Starter and unlimited Pro plans are arriving in October.


Design websites using the full library of our building blocks, chat with Muse, web design AI copilot, and publish on a custom domain.

✅ 2 active projects

✅ Unlimited viewers, 2 editors per project

✅ 10 conversations with Muse AI


Free forever


Use everything included in Starter plan without limits. Access version history, and export your web design work to webflow.

✅ Unlimited number of projects

✅ Unlimited editors, and viewers

✅ Unlimited conversations with Muse AI

€29 / month

per editor

Site plan

You can host your site for free on Scene.io domain, or publish your custom domain for an affordable and transparent price.

€10 / month

every 5k unique visits

Build your next website
in half the time


Is Scene really free?

Right now, Scene is totally free. We're going to introduce paid plans from October 2024, but there will always be a freemium version, so you can keep using Scene at no cost.

Scene allows free website publishing and hosting if you're happy to use a Scene subdomain. The paid website plans allow you to add your own custom domain.

How can I secure early adopter pricing?

Everyone who signs up before October 1, 2024, will be eligible for early adopter pricing on Premium plan. You’ll receive an email notification when it launches.

Early adopters' Pro access will be €29 per month and will provide unlimited access to our proprietary Muse AI assistant and all other features.

How different is Muse AI assistant from other AI-powered tools?

Our proprietary assistant serves as a thinking partner for web designers and marketers engaged in new website projects. It helps you quickly overcome creator's block whenever it happens and takes on the heavy lifting, so you can concentrate on the creative aspects of your work. We've developed it with insights from web designers at every stage.

Muse AI can help you with the entire process of building a website, namely:

  • Create briefs & wireframes
  • Research the competition
  • Write & re-write content
  • Anything else worth asking

What are the details of Scene's hosting (Site plan)?

Our paid hosting plan, offering premium service with no compromises, utilizes AWS Global CDN for super-fast loading and TwicPics for optimal image and video performance. Our goal is complete transparency for both you and your clients, which is why we've chosen unique visits as the sole metric. This ensures your site looks great and runs smoothly everywhere.

Can I host my website somewhere else?

We're working on adding exports to static files and Webflow, and you can expect these features to drop this summer. This means you'll be able to migrate your site for custom tweaks or archive it in your cloud storage if you decide to wrap things up.

Made with Scene