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 BOLD IDEAs BUILT fast with blockS.

Scene is a collaborative environment where creative souls create and publish stunning websites without code.
No developers needed.

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Your ideas, our blocks

They fit together like Lego, ensuring your website looks professionally crafted without any expertise required.

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No learning curve

They are created with web design expertise right out of the box. You get to use the best design features without needing to learn them first. 

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Break-points first

With responsive design in their DNA, they adapt fluidly across all breakpoints, guaranteeing your website is stunning on every device.

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Solid foundations

Bug-free from start to finish, these pre-coded building blocks ensure a seamless experience, giving you the freedom to concentrate on perfecting your design.

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A platform for all creative souls

Empowering designers, content creators and marketers to build beautiful websites together.

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Designers and marketers

Create stunning websites hassle-free – no developers or endless code-learning required!

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Content creators

Easily craft text and visual content within the tool itself, no clutter or back-and-forth feedback headaches.

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Work together smoothly in once place. From uploading and managing data to client's approvals.

Design and build websites in hours, not days

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