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Keep tabs on the essentials, make
changes in an instant and...relax
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Streamline your website
management into one dashboard

Spend less time keeping tabs on your website projects across multiple platforms and vendors and more time creating new ones!
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Page manager

See your websites in a simple and familiar ‘cascading list’ page directory. Create page folders, instantly publish or unpublish a page and see the latest changes in a glance.
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User dashboard

Access your accounts, page manager, access controls and website performance tools in one easy to navigate dashboard.

Simply powerful

You don't need an engineering background to manage websites with Scene. Maintenance, management and performance analytics become a breeze with tools designed for you

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Performance audits

Run performance audits, page by page, instantly. Get a report and jump straight to the problem spot in Design Studio to fix the snag.

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Link manager

Assign multiple links to a single page, change URLs in a click and ensure there’s never a dead link with our automatic link redirect.

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Integration manager

Add, amend or explore new integrations from the integrations library page. Just copy and paste your API key and you’re ready to go.

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Bot manager

Keep your site away from indexing bots on a page by page basis, or toggle on and off with sitewide control.

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Permission manager

Assign team roles both in a RASCI table and according to what tools each member needs to access.

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Notifications centre

Dial in notifications to your preference. Configure around changes, approvals and much more so you’re always in the loop and never overwhelmed.

Efficient for project leads

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Rory Bernard, CEO | Synchtank
Running all our client sites from one place makes it easy for me to stay on top of a growing library of websites without having to work with separate teams to manage each one. Site maintenance is easier, change requests are no problem and our costs are hugely streamlined.

Improve your efficiency, unlock your team's creativity and own the website creation process

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