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Design Studio gives you sophisticated but familiar no- code tools to create stunning websites.
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All the tools you're used to in one simple workspace

One dynamic and adaptable studio space for your whole design process, from wireframes to layouts, styleguides and page designs.
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Web canvas

Drag and drop blocks to design pages fast. Set custom breakpoints and see your changes implemented across them in real-time. Leave comments and supercharge collaboration with live, side-by-side editing for you and your whole team. And of course, publish with the click of a button, no code necessary.
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Intuitive toolkit

Created around the tools designers are used to, Design Studio gives you all the features you’d expect with none of the learning time. We've even implemented the keyboard shortcuts you're already used to. Simple enough to move quickly, deep enough for you not to compromise, you'll find a tool for every job.

Build with the best

Master your KPIs and objectives with performance layouts and blocks built for effectiveness

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Layout library

Work from a library of performance page layouts prepared by expert UX designers - or create and save your own page layouts with our library of blocks.

Block library

Build your page layouts piece by piece with a huge selection of pre-built UI blocks designed for performance. All highly editable, you can push the boundaries and create an endless amount of unique page layout results.

Re-useable blocks

Save your edits and tweaks to individual blocks allowing for easy re-use of your personalised blocks across pages and sites. Develop your own library, move faster and drive consistency across your sites.

Integration blocks

Integrate with the tools you already use from e-commerce, CRM, content marketing and more. Drop pre-configured forms, store listings and more straight into your page layouts before adding styleguides and perfecting your design.

Tools designed to empower your creativity,
not restrict it

Design without compromise with our sophisticated but familiar tools

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Styleguide library

Create global styleguides for use across your pages and blocks for fast, uniform brand design. Apply to individual pages or all your pages with a single click to save hours, before adding your finishing touches with advanced control. Create multiple styleguides to quickly switch between master brand and campaign look and feels.

Styling toolkit

Get deep into adjusting your blocks and components with the styling toolkit. Override your styleguide and adjust margin, padding, typography, dimensions, shapes and more, or overflow blocks for unique layouts and stunning designs.

Animation toolkit

Add scroll animations for a cinematic site experience and take things to the next level with hero banner animations for extra impact. Edit hover states with ease and even add transitions between pages.

Comments & review

Stay on track with commenting directly to the canvas so teams can keep communicating easily and effectively without wasting hours between reviews.

Get straight to the
 good stuff

Start with a website pattern pre-optimised for your objectives so you have the freedom to focus on the creative elements of your site design


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Celebrated by designers

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Sarah Pavlova, UI Designer I LB Studio
I love using Scene. It helps us get past the long negotiation stage at the beginning of a website process by removing the developers. Then I can focus on designing key content with tools I'm used to. Being able to move fast gives so much more space for creativity.

Improve your efficiency, unlock your team's creativity and own the website creation process

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