Feel confident with enterprise infrastructure and support as standard.

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Support you can rely on

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Dedicated support

Reach out on Slack or via Intercom without leaving the platform for quick, thorough and considered advice on how to solve your issue.

Customer success manager

Your CSM makes sure you’re getting the most from Scene whether that’s through tips, tricks and advice or by managing bespoke requests.

Training and business support

Full onboarding and training is standard so you can get moving fast. And we’ll help with documentation for internal or client procurement.

Built to trust

Trusting our platform with your client's websites is not something we take lightly, so we've designed Scene with security in mind and regularly test our own infrastructure for weaknesses.

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 & infrastructure

  • Enterprise grade protocols & security
  • Developed and maintained by our in-house engineers 
  • Hosted on AWS
  • 99.99% uptime guarantee
  • Regular pen testing
  • 24/7 security monitoring
  • OWASP standards
  • SDLC (security) best practices
  • DDoS protection
  • Single sign on
  • Role based access control
  • Backups and versioning
  • ISO 27001

Performance throughout

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High performace

Scalable infrastructure to support unlimited dynamic content, as many sites as you can build and as much traffic as you can get.

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Automated optimisation

Image and video optimisation, automatic link redirect management and automatic cross device testing saves hours of optimising and debugging.

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SEO solver

Get instant SEO audits with page by page audit reports. Open graph meta tags, structured search support and automated sitemaps.

Supercharged with AI

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Content optimisation

You can focus on creating a story and experience on your site, knowing our algorithms will optimise your images and video for performance. Whilst text generation and paraphrasing give you a helping hand if you're feeling writer’s block.

Pro-active recommendation

Coming soon

As you work, Scene is constantly analysing where you might need help - before you've asked for it. So if you're feeling stuck, we'll send you some suggestions to help you move forward.

Creativity boosters

Coming soon

The Magic Migration tool let’s you copy a site's design from a URL. AI re-creates your target site in Scene within minutes, so whether you’re migrating your site or analysing the competition, you're always one step ahead.

Our roadmap

We're constantly evolving our platform to bring you the best possible experience. If there's a feature you're dying to see, reach out to your customer success manager!

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  • Re-useable blocks
  • Live commenting
  • Shopify sales channel

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In progress

  • Design Studio sandbox
  • AI site migration 
  • Predictive support
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Coming soon

  • Open-source block library
  • Visual scaling toolkit
  • Text prompt page creation

Improve your efficiency, unlock your team's creativity and own the website creation process

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