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An ever evolving platform, constantly improving performance

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Smart Websites get results

Once you’ve built your Smart Website, you’ll notice that unlike a regular website, performance will improve over time without having to constantly upgrade and debug your infrastructure. That’s because the Scene Smart Platform has been built using a dynamic structure that utilises ever-evolving, data-driven improvements to maximize the user-experience and performance.
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Templates that perform beautifully

Through rigorous testing and data analysis we’ve created templates that maximise results and performance, so you can achieve your KPIs without having to constantly upgrade your site. Through constant analysis and monthly updates our Smart Website platform automatically evolves, so you can focus on building your brand and growing your business.

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Dwell time
Engagement rates
Completion rates
Conversion rates
SEO keyword prominence
Google indexation


Bounce rates
Page load speeds
Developer costs
Marketing costs

Optimisation Drives Performance

Lightning fast page speed

Smart Websites have Google Lighthouse page speed scores in the top 90th percentile.

Automatic optimisation

Smart Websites automatically updates a range of backend tasks to maximise site performance.

Single page applications

Smart websites generate SPAs for smoother, faster more efficient web browsing.

Automatic SEO optimisations

Page metadata management

Autogenerated XML sitemaps

Smart image all-tags

Automated redirect management

Automated error pages

Start delivering from the start with templates created for every need

Choose from page templates specifically built to drive KPIs. Just drag and drop content into expertly designed and data tested layouts to quickly build out whole sites - no designers or developers needed.

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Create beautiful sites without expensive designers

If you want to create a page for a specific purpose, use the intuitive theme builder to design your own endless template variations. Apply them to any page to create bespoke page layouts for content, products or campaign landing pages.

Content that perfoms beautifully

Content is increasingly important for brands, so it is essential yours not only performs, but looks stunning in the process. We have created 17 editorial templates, designed from performance data to maximise content effectiveness, engagement and dwell time, right from the start.

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Integrate with your favourite tools from E-commerce to CRM and beyond

Quickly integrate your favourite tools with a simple code snippet and discover a host of best in class integrations in our library.

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Measure you growth with confidence

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Advanced tracking setup

Format and template-specific tracking using the most appropriate metrics.

Conversion tracking configuration

On-site and cross-domain conversion tracking.

Cookieless, GDPR-compliant tracking

GDPR-compliant tracking negates the need for users to grand 3rfd party cookie consent to browse-giving you more complete user measurement.

Social media performance metrics

Brand and post awareness, engagement and conversion metrics from both organic and paid social integrated into the suite Scene’s content performance KPIs within the CMS.

Security built in

SSL certificates included

We’ll generate an SSL certificate for you, or instal a custom one if you’ve got special requirements.

Continuos security audits

Ongoing monitoring immediately identifies potential security issues or breaches.

Automated site testing

We’re constantly testing to identify and fix issues across the Scene CMS interface, backend and infrastructure development.

Advanced functionality and control as standard

Custom URL structures

Set the URL schema for your site’s particular use case to strenghten the SEO potential of your pages.

Conversion tracking configuration

Set roles and permissions for fully customisable access control.


Co-edit pages without overwriting others saved changes.

Responsive previews

Responsive previews for desktop, mobile and tablet devices from the live page editor, along with shareable previews for stakeholders to review pre-publishing.

Content scheduling

Schedule pages for publication at a particular time or date for forward planning, out-of-hours publishing and embargoes.

Canonical tag management

Rules and prompts ensure a primary version of any duplicate content is always defined so that Google doesn’t get confused how to index them.

Social post metadata editor

Leverage Facebook Open Graph meta tags and Twitter cards to ensure the right details are displayed when shared to the social networks.

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Support whenever
you need it

All our customers are assigned a dedicated customer success manager and support from the developers who built our platform - so you’ll always be able to get the most from Scene

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You’re going to need some content to go with that site…

With our expert services you can access UX, content and SEO support from all over the world, ready to grow your brand.

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See how brands
are using Scene

Find out how businesses from Consorcio to Southern Comfort are using Scene to achieve their goals. See how the Smart Website platform has lowered costs and increased effectiveness for startups and enterprised brands.

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